2014 Schedule Of Events

Times and order are subject to be changed!!!!

follow this link for the 2014 CSB schedule of events

Friday Matinee 1:00PM - 7:00pm May 9th Session 1

Pro/Am, Mixed Amateur & Student/Student American Rhythm Competition

  • 1:00PM closed Rhythm and Night Club single dance events
  • 5:30PM closed Bronze and Silver A , B & Senior Multidance events

Friday Evening 8:00PM - 11:30PM May 9th Session 2

Pro/Am, Mixed Amateur & Student/Student American Rhythm events:

  • 8:00PM open Rhythm and Night Club single dance events
  • 8:40PM closed Rhythm Scholarships

Amateur events:

  • 9:15PM Pre-Championship Latin
  • 9:35PM Pre-Championship Rhythm
  • 10:05PM Open Amateur and Senior II Ballroom

Professional Events:

  • 10:20PM Professional Rising Star Rhythm ,Ballroom, Latin & Smooth

Saturday Matinee 9:00AM - 5:30PM May 10th Session 3

Pro/Am, Student/Student & Mixed Amateur American Smooth events:

  • 9:00AM closed Smooth single dance events
  • 11:45AM open Smooth single dance events
  • 12:20PM closed & open Smooth Multidance and Scholarship events
  • 2:30PM closed Latin single dance events
  • 4:00PM open Latin single dance events
  • 4:40PM clossed & open Latin Multidance & Scholarship events

Saturday Evening 7:45PM - 11:45PM May 10th Session 4

Pro/Am,​Amateur & Professional Events:

  • 7:45PM Amateur open Rhythm
  • 7:55PM Formation Team
  • 8:05PM Jinior I open Ballroom
  • 8:20PM Pro/Am open Smooth
  • 8:30PM Pre-Champ allroom
  • 8:50PM Amateur open Smooth
  • 8:55PM Junior I & Youth open Latin
  • 9:10PM Senior I & Senior III open Ballroom
  • 9:20PM Junior II & nder 21 open Latin
  • 9:45PM Amateur open Latin
  • 9:55PM Professional open Rhythm
  • 10:05PM Professional open Smooth & Latin
  • 10:55PM Professional open Ballroom
  • 11:15PM Professional open Showdance

Professional Events:

  • open Professional Rhythm & Smooth
  • open Professional Ballroom & Latin
  • open Professional Showdance

Sunday Matinee May 9:00AM - 6:00PM 11th Session 5

Pro/Am, Student/Student & Mixed Amateur Int'l Ballroom events:

  • 9:00AM closed Int'l Ballroom single dance events
  • 10:15AM open Int'l Ballroom single dance events
  • 10:55AM closed & open Int'l Ballroom Multidance and Scholarship events

Amateur & College Events:

  • 12:30PM Amateur & College Int'l Ballroom events
  • 3:15PM Amateur & College Latin events

2014 CSB Schedule of events

  • Schedule of events for each session